Thanksgiving Fast– Day 22

Ok! I am back on track! Here are the 22 things I am thanking God for today:

Thanking God for:

  1. I can’t believe it’s Day 22!!!
  2. Taking a shower, a nice hot shower! Much needed after several hours of doing my hair.
  3. I had a considerable amount of sleep, so yay!
  4. I made it to work on time!!! For the first time in a while. Oh! It felt so good to not be in a rush!
  5. Work was not busy today- it was actually steady! I remember going to work this morning and thinking it was going to be horrible, but it was chill! I thank God!
  6. Realizing God’s infinite mercy!
  7. Singing at work.
  8. Think about it: God’s mercies are new every morning! Every morning!!!! WOW!!! I thank God for mercy.
  9. Crying– I cried a little at work today. I need to cry some more. I just thank God for tears, for the fact that I can even cry.
  10. Being able to be of help to my coworker.
  11. Visiting my mentor today! It was so nice catching up. I finally visited him at work.
  12. Calling my sister today, talking and listening to her.
  13. Being able to make plans for the future– at the same time, trusting in God’s sovereignty.
  14. Laundry.
  15. Putting finishing touches on my hair.
  16. Running errands safely
  17. Having someone to confide in.
  18. Realizing that I am very much a work in progress… Just pouring out my soul to God.
  19. Fresh towels.
  20. Sweeping my room– no more hairs all over the floor.
  21. Getting paid for a job I did today, so it’s nice to get some cash.
  22. Catching up on these blog posts!