Thanksgiving Fast– Day 21

Ok, here’s the list for 10/17/2016, Monday, which was yesterday!!!

  1. Seeing another day.
  2. Continuing and finishing my hair.
  3. More Supernatural!
  4. Not going to work.
  5. Even though my body was hurting, I was pushing through– only strength from God!
  6. McDonald’s– not the best option for food out there, but it was a quick pick me up when I needed it.
  7. Staying unplugged– I barely used my phone.
  8. The earth
  9. Hot chocolate
  10. Peanut butter and honey sandwich (I think I’ve also mentioned this one before).
  11. Being human– yes, we have our own troubles and setbacks, but we also all have the hope of being with Jesus when/if we accept Him.
  12. God is true, He is real, He knows me!
  13. Sleeping and waking
  14. Friends checking in on me– that really touched me.
  15. Talking to God, you know, casually.
  16. I have a purpose in life
  17. The mercy of God!
  18. Day 21!!!
  19. God is showing me more and more things to be thankful for.
  20. A few more day till my birthday!
  21. Driving back and forth last night to get food– it was very cold and very foggy, but I thank God for journey mercies!

Thanksgiving Fast– Day 13

Here are the things I was thankful for on Day 13 (Sunday).

  1. Waking up in time for church… I didn’t set my alarm, but God woke me up!
  2. Rain!!!! Oh, the rain! Amherst is in a drought right now, so it was good to have rain!
  3. Making it to church safe and sound. The rain was kind of heavy, and I was kind of scared, to be honest.
  4. Having a GPS.
  5. Having unlimited data.
  6. Learning that the devil is a defeated foe!
  7. Only Jesus can complete me. Thank you Jesus for completing me!
  8. I am not fighting alone… in the fight of my life, Jesus is with me!
  9. Church– and I feel like I have said this before, but being able to go to church and be refreshed and rejuvenated is great!!
  10. Colossians 2, especially verse 15, “And having disarmed the powers and authorities, he made a public spectacle of them, triumphing over them by the cross” (NIV).
  11. Jesus’ victory at Calvary– knowing this truth is a weapon.
  12. Learning different ways of fighting (i.e. abiding in Christ, obeying God, etc).
  13. I am no longer a slave to fear, in Jesus’ name!

Thanksgiving Fast– Day 10

Again, I missed writing about Day 10, but here are the things I was particularly grateful for yesterday.

  1. Pastor Kola’s birthday (which was yesterday. This is kind of an inside joke… but praise God for another birthday!)
  2. Dreaming. I was able to remember my dream yesterday, which hasn’t been happening lately.
  3. Bra… I’ll just leave that there.
  4. Knowing God is working on my behalf.
  5. Having money, however little, in my account. The struggle is too real right now, but I thank God that I still have something, you know.
  6. Starving the flesh, by God’s grace and empowerment. There’s still plenty of work to be done, but I thank God I am now who I was.
  7. No pity party. Sometimes I get into these moods and I sing the “Woe me!” mantra, wishing life was different, thinking about who hurt me and whatnot. But I praise God because there’s none of that! Whenever I am tempted to get in that mood, I remember the goodness of Jesus!
  8. Making it to Day 10… and still going!
  9. Having Godly counsel and direction
  10. The beating, Crucifixion, and resurrection of Jesus! Read the Gospels, friends!

Thanksgiving Fast– Day 9

This will be a really quick one. Here are the things I am grateful for today. 
1. My friend Doreen, whose birthday is today! #21

2. I feel good today, like REALLY REALLY GOOOOOOOOD!!!! I haven’t been feeling good lately. I was smiling at work today, even my coworkers noticed. Praise God!

3. London. Google reminded me of pics I took while in London on this day three years ago! Wow!!!! I really miss London, and I am very grateful I was able to go!

4. The power in the name and presence of Jesus! I was reading John 18 earlier, and it amazed me that when people came at night to arrest Jesus, they fell when He spoke!!!! Like, WHAT?!?!!!! Jesus is awesome!!!!

5. Ability and privilege to read God’s Word, meditate on it, and be changed by it! 

6. Having clothes to wear. Because it is my friend’s birthday today, I thank God I can put on nicer clothes.

7. So I have multiple jobs, yeah, and at one of them, in an office, I have time to relax and catch a break. So I thank God for this office and this chill time. 

8. And because I work in such a peaceful environment, I thank God I can play Christian music! This is something I cannot do at my other jobs. I have been enjoying Christian songs since I got here!!

9. Finally, I thank God for the beautiful day we are enjoying in Amherst! I didn’t need a jacket today! Praise God!!!!

Thanksgiving Fast– Day 5

“Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good. His love endures forever. Give thanks to the God of gods. His love endures forever… to him who alone does great wonders, His love endures forever…” (Psalm 136, NIV).

Wow! Day 5 already!! Here goes:

Thanking God for: 

  1. Nigeria
  2. House
  3. Free Laundry
  4. Being able/available to help people
  5. Safety

Passage: “Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise; give thanks to him and praise his name” (Psalm 100:4, NIV).

Reason(s): My country, Nigeria, is 56 today! WHOOOOOOO!!!!!! Nigeria has a LOOOOONNNNNGGGGG way to go, but we are not where we used to be! I am proud of Nigeria, proud to be Nigerian. I thank God that He has a powerful destiny for Nigeria. I am excited for my country!

I also thank God today for my house, well, my apartment. Last night was a bit cold, and I had a home to sleep in, a bed, a heater. I am no better than those who lack these things, but I thank God! And a friend of mine was able to sleep over, which is always a plus!

Free laundry! I mean… that’s always a good thing! I have been doing my laundry for several hours, and I praise God that I still have my quarters hahah!

I thank God for allowing me have the heart to want to help people out. It’s challenging in different ways, but I praise God!

Today, I had a few almosts, i.e. hitting people, being hit, but God saved me in each instance!

Prayer: Lord, you are just awesome! Thank you for keeping me, for providing for me. Thank you for being God!

Day 3: My… All

Today has been a very interesting day.

I woke up from another terrible dream, prayed, and did my morning routine. I listened to a sermon that talked about things that kill marriages (I pray none of our marriages and homes will be destroyed, in Jesus name). Then I went to lunch with one of my friends; we talked about many things– I was able to stock up on some fruits and veggies, so I thank God for that lunch date. Afterwards, I came back to my apartment to find that my wonderful mother had bought me some sweaters; I never expected it! Then this random guy contacted me. Then I had a moment where I wanted to disappear and RUN AWAY FROM EVERYTHING! Then watched a movie about a condition called preeclapsia (, which made it really scary to be pregnant. Then I went to Nav Night, and the guest speaker shared his story of how he came to Christ, and it really touched my heart; I cried because it’s such a beautiful story, showing us that Jesus is a faithful servant, the most faithful. Now I am writing this blog post/journal.

The one thing that I really wanted to talk about is the fact that the random guy contacted me. He called me, then texted me. It turned out that a lady at my church had given him my number, which I’m not really a fan of– I thank God I was able to let her know my feelings about it in a nice, respectful way. I felt weird because I’m on a man-fast, I’m not supposed to be in contact with any “potentials”– but this man isn’t even close. Anyway, honestly, I wasn’t surprised because it always seems as though every time you want to do something specific, something comes to step in the way to try to distract you. A part of me felt like it was a test from God, but the other part of me felt like I passed. Even if it wasn’t a test, I’m grateful to God that I was able to tell the guy, in the nicest way possible, that I am solely focused on God.

Being focused is a great thing. I feel like I am sensing things more clearly. I feel like I am being put in circumstances where I have to “come face-to-face” with God, myself, my view of God, and my relationship with Him.

Overall, today wasn’t a giddy day like the last two days have been. But, the thing is, one doesn’t quit a commitment because of a bad day. I will continue to keep my eyes and my heart GLUED on my master, my Father, my husband, my savior. Although I can’t say I know who God showed Himself to be today (He was everything), I just thank Him because I just know He was (still is, and will continue to be) with me!

Day 2: My Encourager

“Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go” (Joshua 1:9, NIV).

Day 2 went well, glory to God. I thank God for allowing me to start the day in prayer. I woke up today from a terrible dream, but I thank God that the Holy Spirit removed the fear and put me in an act of worship instead. Praise God for that!

After prayer, I washed the bathrooms at my apartment (it was my turn this week; now I don’t have to wash them anymore). Then, and this is the highlight of the day (one of the highlights), one of my friends called to encourage me about my mission! I felt the encouragement of God! I felt the love of God upon me– she went out of her way to encourage me! Here are a few points she made:

  • God has a purpose for me, so I should stop doubting Him. 
  • As a child of God, I can’t make a mistake– even my “mistakes” aren’t mistakes because at the end of the day, everything works together for good. Therefore, I cannot lose (cue Romans 8). 
  • Don’t look at the present situation because our God is a God of the future. 
  • For mission: remember how God confirmed your work to you in the first place. Hold onto that because it is your revelation. 
  • When God gives you something, don’t undermine (or question) it. 
  • Remind yourself why you decided to even do the work of God in the first place. 
  • Remember that destiny involves a breaking. 

These were the main points of our conversation. I was so happy because it was needed, much needed. It was important for me to be reminded on those things and continue to focus on God and His work in my life. As a missionary, life is hard, but my God is better!

The rest of the day was filled with being in the presence of God. I was of reminded why it is important to have good Christian friends, friends you can watch something with, confirm whether or not it’s in the Bible, encourage each other, get blown away by revelations, and then pray together… It is ABSOLUTELY priceless! My two friends came to visit me, alleviating my alone-ness; it was a pleasure to have them around.

After, we went to choir practice. I came back, had dinner, watched some videos, talked with my pastor (who also encouraged me), and now I am writing this (journal).

I thank God! I’m happy for His encouragement! He sees my future– my future is secure in Him alone! I’m grateful and happy about that!

Now, I’ll go spend some quality time with my Father!

Day 1: My Satisfier

“My soul waits for the Lord more than watchmen wait for the morning…” (Psalm 130:6)

Today is February 1st. Glory to God! Oh, February! The month of love (so I call it 🙂 )

Since I became a follower of Jesus, the month of February has been a month strictly dedicated to Jesus, a month where I am conscious of showing my love to Christ. I try to do different things each year; last year, for example, I was able to survive the Daniel’s fast (with some alterations, for health reasons). This year, by the grace of God I am doing a man fast.

I first heard of a man fast from a friend with whom I served in Croatia. Then, early last month, when asking God about how I can show Him love this time around, I saw an article on Facebook about a man fast; I was intrigued. I tried researching into a man fast really is, but I got little info– the title itself is self explanatory; the women who have done it simply focused more on God and didn’t entertain men who could be romantic partners. Anyway, my aim and hope is that I’ll be in God’s bosom, embedded in His heart, and grow more intimate with Him!

So… Day 1: 

I prayed A LOT! I prayed those Nigerian fire-thunder-die prayers… very refreshing, I must add. I am grateful to God that I did that because it showed me how much I missed praying. I also listened to a lot of sermons, which was helpful as well. Perhaps the most important part of the day was reading the Word! I read Isaiah 14, and verse one really struck me, “The Lord will have compassion on Jacob; once again he will choose Israel and will settle them in their own land” (NIV). I love this verse because it shows the caring (loving– He can’t help Himself because He is love) nature of God. It encouraged me that, at the end of the day, God is on my side.

But, what I was reminded of, which is the whole point of this fast for me, was that God is my satisfier. I can do a man fast from now till Kingdom come, but if I am not completely satisfied (focused) in Christ, this entire month will just be a month will be a waste. I thank God for reminding me that it’s all about Him– and He did it in the most gentle way!

So, I think Day 1 was successful. I really enjoyed being in the presence of God, being able to just take the day to pray, hear His word, and bask in His ambiance! Here’s to 28 more days! I expect more days to be challenging than others, but I am at rest in the fact that His grace and mercy will see me through each day! Praise Jesus for that assurance!

It Seemed Ridiculous to Ask…

Slacker! That’s all I can think about. But, I pray that God will have mercy upon me and will allow me to be a good steward of this platform to proclaim His name. I have put this blog in God’s hands because, after-all, “The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it” (Psalm 24:1, NIV).

Anyway, I figured a testimony was appropriate to restart my commitment; this blog business started with me wanting to share testimonies 🙂



 I can only describe my life right now as something a friend of mine said, “Girl, you’re lacking in everything!” This is true. I recently relocated to Amherst, MA in hopes of working (full-time) with The Navigators; but things haven’t exactly gone as expected. So, I need money, which means I need a job (but it could also mean that someone can just generously give me a million dollars… but I’ll stick with reality). Anyway, I need a job, which means I need to send in applications, which means I need some form of device (a laptop) that’ll reach that end. Unfortunately, my laptop, Leo, is reaching the end of his life.

This past couple of months, Leo would turn on but won’t work; so, I have been without a laptop (and none was available for me to use). It didn’t really bother me because before Leo stopped working I had put in a lot of applications and I was expecting call-backs… And I kept expecting call-backs… I am still expecting call-backs. It was obvious I needed to put in more applications, but that meant I would need to go to the library. I did do that one day, but then I realized how very inconvenient the entire process was– I’ll save you the details.

Today was my “Applications Day” day. I woke up this morning and I told God (more like kinda cried and whined) that I didn’t want to go to the library. I wasn’t in the best mood and I just wanted to stay indoors (which is also my natural disposition, my personality, if you will). I didn’t even pray to God about my laptop because I thought it was ridiculous to ask God to fix something like that, something that seemed dead already– also, admittedly, a part of me didn’t believe that God will actually answer because it’s a laptop! Talk about no faith!!! Anyway, I turned on Leo and he works! In fact, I am writing this on my precious Leo!

It is amazing to me how much God cares for me! This blows my mind! He cares for me enough to let my laptop work again, properly, even! I am expecting a job after this– a good one, too, because His blessing “brings wealth and he adds no trouble to it” (Proverbs 10:22, NIV). As a matter of fact, I am expecting a new laptop!

This may make me sound like a spoiled brat, but God did it for me anyway! I am overjoyed. testimony

Praise Jesus with me!