Thanksgiving Fast–Day 24

Oh wow!!!!! The day is here!! Like, for real for real, I cannot believe it! Like… Seriously, it’s surreal. Praise Jesus for allowing me see this commitment through!!! I am so happy! Like happy happy!!! Day 24 means… I am 24 years old… WOW!! 24… 24… 24!

But, while I freak out, here are 24 reasons I am thanking God today:

  1. WOW!!! It’s Day 24! Mama we made it! 🙂
  2. Friends wishing me happy birthday! So many friends! Shout out to Sonia, Julius, Garvens, and Kim for coming all the way to come visit me at my apartment.
  3. Songs– so many songs.
  4. I finished paying rent for September today– although the struggle is real, I thank God for it!
  5. Today is my birthday– and I’m sure Jesus was born in October 🙂
  6. Also, I started another commitment today, which I know God will help me with.
  7. My brother, my immediate younger brother, Ben. He’s ever growing! I thank God for His life.
  8. Being able to pay people back what I owed them, esp. my mom.
  9.  Being able to make plans– but I know that God’s perfect will will be done.
  10. Reading God’s Word leisurely.
  11. Marriage– hoping someday that I’ll be married to a wonderful man!
  12. Calvary– there is a song titled “Calvary” by Hillsong… and being reminded of it was good. Calvary covered it all, my sin and shame don’t count anymore. All praise to the one who has ransomed my soul, Calvary covered it all!
  13. Prayers– Kim prayed for me and it hit the right spot!
  14. Being able to laugh!!! Oh boy! I love to laugh.
  15. Cookies! My friend Sonia gave me my first present, which is a cookie, and I love it!
  16. Thinking about the fact that last year I was unemployed on my birthday– this year I have a job and a car! Only God takes that glory.
  17. My nephew! He brings me such joy— such a blessing to me!
  18. I got a surprise in my fridge today from the ladies at Navs. It really made me happy!
  19. Getting dinner with my friend Paige– God knew I needed to eat food, and I had no food in my apartment.
  20. Phone calls– hearing my friends’ and loved ones’ voices.
  21. I put makeup on today and I actually did a good job– I looked GOOOOOOOODDDDDD!!!!!!!!!
  22. All October babies!
  23. I’m actually happy– the reason I say that is because I usually get sad around and on my birthday, but this one was different. Admittedly, there were times I felt sad, but God did  not allow me to wallow in my sadness. I am happy!
  24. Last but not least, I thank God for my friend and sister and birthday twin, Grace– she’s actually a couple of years older. But, yeah… I love this woman! I can’t even describe it. I thank God for her life and journey, for her accomplishments, for her story. Last year was great, and I know that this year will be even better!! I can go on and on, but Grace is awesome! I love her dearly, and I am so happy that I share a birthday with her! Praise Jesus for friends! Not only is she beautiful, she’s charismatic, she’s awesome! She has character. She knows God, she believes in Jesus– and I just like her… She’s just awesome!
This is us, a candid.

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