Thanksgiving Fast– Day 23

Oh man!!!!! Almost done! I can’t believe it! Like, WHAT?!?!?! So, here we go, Day 23

  1. Waking up this morning and getting to work safe and sound– I had work at 7 am, woke up at 6:40… God did it! Again, having a car makes it easier to get around! God is amazing!!!!!
  2. Work was pretty chill; I actually enjoyed being at my first job today.
  3. Praying and just talking to God while at work. It was pretty awesome!
  4. Paying my phone bill– shout out to le mom for lending me some money (and I thank God, in advance, for allowing me to pay her back).
  5. Honestly, I wasn’t angry at my job today at all– I was a little bit annoyed at times, but no anger! Praise God for that!
  6. My lips! I really do love my lips… I mean REALLY love!
  7. My hair! I thank God for giving me hair. And the style I currently have is pretty awesome- I got a lot of compliments; some people said I was unrecognizable hahah!
  8. I had a nice break at work, too! I ate food, like substantial food.
  9. My aunty, Aunty Pelu! So, today is her birthday!!! Yay!!! Honestly, she is so beautiful! Her life is a testimony. She disciplined me when we were in Nigeria, she encourages while I’m here; she treats me like an adult; she has a beautiful family!!!! She is a source of encouragement to me, and she is absolutely AMAZING!!! I love her so much!!!!! (She’s the one pictured above). Honestly, I can’t wait to go back to Nigeria so I can see her again! I really thank God for her life. What God has done between last year and this year is AMAZING!!!! And I know that God has greater heights to take her, deeper levels in Himself to bring her! I love you, Aunty!!!!
  10. Graham crackers
  11. Napping– best friend right there hahah!
  12. The Bible. The Word of my savior!
  13. Opposable thumbs! It dawned on me how important and useful my thumbs are.
  14. Texting. We live in the age of technology, an age where we can get info relatively quickly!
  15. Being available to help a church community.
  16. Catching up on my Bible readings
  17. Having hope and redemption in/through Christ.
  18. I am almost done with this challenge! #1moredayleft
  19. History– I may not be that educated in history, but we have one, and that’s good!
  20. Not wallowing in my pity or pain.
  21. Music– honestly, I love music!!!!! Christian music is the best! #Jesussongs
  22. Growth– I am growing and growing and growing!!! I thank God for it.
  23. Jesus Christ– my savior is not a swear word, He is a person! He is alive! He is with me! He is for me!!!!!!!!!!!!! #thenameofJesusispower #thenameofJesus

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