Thanksgiving Fast– Day 21

Ok, here’s the list for 10/17/2016, Monday, which was yesterday!!!

  1. Seeing another day.
  2. Continuing and finishing my hair.
  3. More Supernatural!
  4. Not going to work.
  5. Even though my body was hurting, I was pushing through– only strength from God!
  6. McDonald’s– not the best option for food out there, but it was a quick pick me up when I needed it.
  7. Staying unplugged– I barely used my phone.
  8. The earth
  9. Hot chocolate
  10. Peanut butter and honey sandwich (I think I’ve also mentioned this one before).
  11. Being human– yes, we have our own troubles and setbacks, but we also all have the hope of being with Jesus when/if we accept Him.
  12. God is true, He is real, He knows me!
  13. Sleeping and waking
  14. Friends checking in on me– that really touched me.
  15. Talking to God, you know, casually.
  16. I have a purpose in life
  17. The mercy of God!
  18. Day 21!!!
  19. God is showing me more and more things to be thankful for.
  20. A few more day till my birthday!
  21. Driving back and forth last night to get food– it was very cold and very foggy, but I thank God for journey mercies!

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