Thanksgiving Fast– Day 20

The list for 10/16/2016, Sunday

  1. Last day of the retreat.
  2. Driving back to MA, safe and sound!
  3. Bringing some food stuff back with me from the retreat.
  4. Making new friends.
  5. Being part of the retreat– it was nice, really nice. I felt accomplished, I guess.
  6. Relaxing when I got back… Oh, man! I didn’t realize how much I’d missed my room.
  7. Watching past seasons of Supernatural! I really love that show.
  8. Netflix– I really love TV, to be honest (and I feel like I’ve mentioned this before).
  9. Started doing my hair.
  10. It was my uncle’s birthday. He’s the best!!! I love him so much!
  11. My hands and feet.
  12. Having hair products on hand, available.
  13. Knowing the Word of God, having knowledge of it.
  14. Another Sunday, being able to experience it.
  15. Having a family.
  16. Having food to eat.
  17. Entertainment, of all kinds.
  18. Pushing through my tiredness– even being able to do that, all God’s grace!
  19. Having family to talk to/with– the good, the bad, the ugly.
  20. Day 20! I really can’t believe it! 4 more days!!

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