Thanksgiving Fast– Day 19

This list is for 10/15/2016, Saturday

  1. I slept really well! I mean REALLY!!! The bed we slept on was so comfortable.
  2. Having a comforter to keep me warm when it got cold.
  3. I love Coke! I love Coca-Cola!!!!
  4. The retreat went really well. Very nice view.
  5. Just being able to unplug over the weekend!
  6. I had quality quiet time with God! It was awesome. So peaceful, quiet.
  7. We looked at the book of Daniel over the weekend.
  8. Realization (heart knowledge) that God is always working, orchestrating– in the background, but He is at the center of it all.
  9. Confronting my fear– something I have been struggling with for some time, that I am not enough, that I will be forgotten, or that I am not doing enough. I confessed this to God– I know that there is work to be done.
  10. I talked with new people over the weekend, hearing stories, laughing, playing games! I thank God for great company.
  11. Romans 5-6
  13. Nature! Being surrounded by God’s fingerprint!! Ah!!!
  14. There was a hike on Saturday, and I know it was great, but I thank God because I did not go– it gave me the time to be still and just be quiet and be restful in the presence of God.
  15. I prepped for a Bible study with one of the girls at the retreat.
  16. The game subway surf– I love that game.
  17. Having technology to be able to capture such great beauty around us.
  18. Having a relationship with God.
  19. I sat outside Saturday afternoon, and was just read the Word. It was AMAZING!!!!

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