Thanksgiving Fast– Day 18

I have so much catching up to do!! Oh, man! So, here’s my list for 10/14/2016, Friday.

  1. Waking up and going to work.
  2. Staying awake at work and making it through.
  3. Being able to give a co-worker a ride– ministry and opportunity.
  4. I made moin moin (Bean cake) and I ate it! It was delicious!
  5. My friend Bolanle, whose birthday was on Friday! (Her picture is above). Bolanle is a great woman of God– young, but the anointing of God upon her life is PALPABLE! She’s beautiful, caring, kind. Ahh!! I thank God for her!
  6. My friend Eileen, whose birthday was also on Friday. I met Eileen not too long ago, and I already admire her. She encourages me to want to get closer to Jesus! She is so beautiful! And she likes my jollof rice, even though she’s Ghanian haha!
    My friend Eileen and I in May 2016


  7. Birthdays!! They are so awesome.
  8. Catching up on these blog entries.
  9. Running errands, to and fro, and making it safely.(Psalm 121 comes to mind).
  10. Driving to NH, for Navs Retreat
  11. Getting pulled over, but no incident– it was really scary!!!
  12. Being part of the 2016 Navs Fall Retreat.
  13. Conversations with people.
  14. I met a married couple, and they gave me hope for marriage.
  15. We stayed in this really nice house, a REALLY nice house!
  16. Hope (hoping) that one day I’ll be able to support people who are fundraising.
  17. Bonding with someone over snacks!
  18. God’s sovereignty– everything will be alright because God is in control.

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