Thanksgiving Fast– Day 17

Ok… almost caught up! Here’s the list for yesterday (10/13/2016):

  1. Grace and patience and mercy of God extended to me by other people–they are God’s hands and feet!
  2. I’m official– getting a work sweater! And it’ll be purple 🙂
  3. I was free yesterday afternoon, by God’s grace. It felt so good!
  4. Learning and adjusting to my financial responsibilities. Although adulting is so hard, I thank God that I am getting the hang of it. Paying rent, bills, insurance, etc… Not a lot of money left at the end of the week, but I am learning and growing!
  5. Nancy Nash. She is a wonderful lady! A gem!
  6. The miracle of sleeping and waking.
  7. The peace of God!
  8. I like music… and I am able to buy music, so I thank God for it.
  9. Reading Romans 4 again– Romans 4 was a major part in my decision in coming back to Amherst and work with Navs. I’m awaiting a revelation and deeper understanding of it.
  10. Harmony– not just in singing, but in life altogether.
  11. Hymns! I love hymns!!!!
  12. God’s unfailing covenant love.
  13. I don’t understand God (Genesis 15:17)… and I thank God for not understanding God.
  14. “Coram Deo” means “In the presence of God”.
  15. My sight/vision. I was very concerned yesterday. But I thank God that I will not lose my sight or vision!
  16. Being able to cook for the potluck going on today! I love to cook!!!! And I pray that they like it– I won’t be there 😦
  17. Strength and empowerment to go through life!

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