Thanksgiving Fast– Day 16

I know in the last post I mentioned not wanting to be behind on this… Well… I thank God for grace. No excuses– I just couldn’t type them up 😦

But here were the 16 things I was especially thankful for (on 10/12/2016):

  1. Waking up and making it to work… Slept at 2:30, woke up at around 7:30, needed to be at work at 8… Praise God for grace, mercy, protection– and I’m trying, believe me, to work on my sleeping schedule.
  2. My birthday was 8 days away hahah!
  3. Being able to share my testimony at Nav night
  4. Being at Nav night on Wednesday night and I guess, in general, being able to help with The Navigators on campus. Long story to that, and perhaps, God willing, I’ll share.
  5. Prayer. I really thank God that we can pray for one another.
  6. Being able to be available to help my friends out.
  7. Having older people, esp. women, willing to take me under their wings and teach/disciple me.
  8. House sitting– I house sat for the first time!!!
  9. Healing– I had a terrible stomach ache Wednesday morning, and I felt as if my stomach was going to explode, but God healed me!
  10. Being able to style my hair differently.
  11. BASIC Bible study.
  12. Leaning to embrace myself, flaws and all. And although I still have a long way to go, I thank God that I am not where I used to be in terms of my (low) self esteem.
  13. Being intentional, not just with this challenge, but with other things as well.
  14. Figuring out this game called Black Magic at Nav Night! It took me the whole night, but I got it– I promise, we’re God fearing, Jesus believing, Holy Spirit filled people 🙂
  15. I felt accomplished teaching others a new game! I am not cool at all, but the game was pretty cool haha!
  16. Being alive, alive (and thriving) enough to even stick with this challenge!

Praise Jesus!


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