Thanksgiving Fast– Day 15

I know that we are already in a new day, but I can’t afford to be behind again and again… Thank you, Lord, for forgiving me. Anyway, here’s Day 15’s list.

  1. Waking up with songs on my mind. This has been happening for some time now, and I thank God for it.
  2. Over this past weekend my mouth, but most especially my inner, lower gum area, felt weird, as if something was running back and forth inside. But when I woke up in the morning (Oct. 11, 2016, Tuesday), I realized the uncomfortable feeling was gone!
  3. Actually for real making it to work on time; there was no need to rush.
  4. I had a peanut butter and honey sandwich for lunch, which was pretty awesome, very delicious.
  5. Making it through work! It is always busy on Tuesdays! But, I thank God I survived another Tuesday!
  6. Making it home in one piece. I almost got into a car accident– I hadn’t even left work yet! Praise God!!!
  7. Washing dishes is always fun! Having the ability to do such a mundane task is worth saying thank you, God, for.
  8. Having utensils to cook with.
  9. COOKING! I love to cook– and by God’s grace, I am thanking God in advance for giving me the grace and desire to cook for my family (and they will love it!)
  10. Having things to actually cook. I made a Nigerian favorite, moin moin. Although it didin’t come out the way I wanted it, I thank God that I could make it. I like the way it tastes.
  11. Brownies– I thank God for sweets in general.
  12. Getting paycheck- having a job, truly, is a blessing.
  13. My friend Israel celebrated his birthday! #oldman hahah
  14. Staying up to type this list… It’s no joke, but I thank God for it!
  15. Catching up on my to-do list!

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