Thanksgiving Fast– Day 14

Here we go, Day 14 (10/102016, Monday).

  1. Having a relaxing morning.
  2. Recognizing my faults (and relying on Jesus to help me fix them).
  3. Having people to talk to, especially at work.
  4. Meditating on the Word (i.e. memory verses).
  5. Being able to check up on people.
  6. My lips. I really love my lips! And I thank God for them hahah!
  7. Pooping! Pooping!! Pooping!!! I love pooping!
  8. 10 more days… Day 14, we made it to Day 14!
  9. Cleaning the bathroom at my apartment. I actually love cleaning the bathroom!
  10. I had a meeting and I made it there on time.
  11. Christ in me, the hope of glory (Colossians 1:27).
  12. Late Night at Berk.
  13. Having friends and even acquaintances to discuss things with.. discussions, not debates.
  14. I made a commitment today… one I intend to keep and stay faithful to, and I am thanking God in advance for helping me through the commitment.

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