Thanksgiving Fast– Day 12

Even though I haven’t posted the things I have been thankful for, I have been writing them down. So, here are the things I was thankful for on Day 12 (this past Saturday).

  1. Making it to Day 12!
  2. Getting to hang out with Ms. Carmen (a lady from a church I go to. She’s so awesome!)
  3. Getting to sit in the passenger seat of my car. Perhaps I enjoyed it a little more than I should’ve hahaha!
  4. Enjoying Ms. Carmen’s company.
  5. Eating Thai food. I had Pad Thai and it was DELICIOUS!!!
  6. Different cultures and foods!!!
  7. God is defending me.
  8. Hopeful assurance of Heaven.
  9. Being able to have a relationship with God, knowing Him, and being able to know Him more.
  10. Mummy Atunlute’s birthday!
  11. Saving on gas (I saved $5).
  12. Good things are coming my way!!!

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