Thanksgiving Fast– Day 11

“Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all  generations, for ever and ever! Amen” (Ephesians 3:20, NIV). 

Thanking God for:

  1. Early morning date with Jesus— well, it wasn’t too early, but it was early for me; 8:30. And it was just so nice being in the presence of my Daddy, not feeling rushed, but just basking in the ambiance of His word!
  2. Space heater. Shout out to Mummy Adewale (my mom) for getting me my space heater earlier this year! It has been keeping me warm, especially now that the cold weather is upon us.
  3. Singing/music. I am not a singer, but I will sing my heart out for Jesus! I do want to practice more and more so that what I sing will continue to be a sweet sweet sound in Daddy’s ears! And music is just awesome, you know. Though I mostly listen to Christian songs and Nigerian music (at times), I thank God for it being available to me.
  4. Supernatural Season 11 is on Netflix!!! I am so excited. The show is not biblically accurate, but I love the Winchesters! Ahh! (I pray that they will actually be Christ followers in real life).
  5. Dinner with friends at Chili’s. Tonight was the first time I went to Chili’s and it was awesome! The dinner was great, the company was better, and the discussion was the best part– talking about God never gets old; there are always new and newer revelations! Also, our waiter Larry was pretty great!
  6. Having friends to talk about God with/to. Friends are important, and when you have real, true Christian friends, it’s pretty great! I thank God I have been blessed enough to have friends I can converse with about God, His love for us, His character, etc… It is truly a blessing that conversations can happen organically, you know. I just love it!
  7. Calming down at work today. I have no idea what happened today at work, but I was just ANNOYED with everyone and everything. I didn’t want to be there; everything was getting me angry– even a break did not help. But, I was able to calm down, for real, when I looked to God. I kept singing and singing until my mind returned to God. And, I am telling you, the peace that I felt! I cannot put it in words. God is good. I was so annoyed that I wanted to cry! But, He calmed me down; He touched me!
  8. Having the night free. So, I was supposed to do my sister’s hair. And as much as I love my sister, and as much as I would’ve loved to do her hair tonight, a part of me was wishing that it would be postponed. And guess what… last minute she called me and said she wouldn’t be able to do it today! WHOA! I didn’t pray for this. Thanks for looking out for me, Jesus! #goodlooksJesus
  9. Making it to work and not getting into an accident or pulled over. As much as it was great to have my date with Jesus, I didn’t plan accordingly, so I was a minute late to work today. But I was speeding and driving recklessly. The lesson? PLAN ACCORDINGLY!!!!
  10. Being able to treat people with love and respect. I am not perfect in this, but I thank God for making me see people, even the ones that are “special” or “abnormal”, as people. There’s so much more to that, but I’ll leave it for now.
  11. Dinner being paid for. That was the biggest surprise of the night! Shout out to Minister Garnett for paying for dinner! A big thanks for God for making it all possible! All I can think of is when Jesus said, “It is finished”, it is paid! 🙂 🙂   🙂

Prayer: Lord, thank you because there are things I don’t even have to pray for but you will do anyway. Thank you so much for surprising me today, Lord!


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