Thanksgiving Fast– Day 10

Again, I missed writing about Day 10, but here are the things I was particularly grateful for yesterday.

  1. Pastor Kola’s birthday (which was yesterday. This is kind of an inside joke… but praise God for another birthday!)
  2. Dreaming. I was able to remember my dream yesterday, which hasn’t been happening lately.
  3. Bra… I’ll just leave that there.
  4. Knowing God is working on my behalf.
  5. Having money, however little, in my account. The struggle is too real right now, but I thank God that I still have something, you know.
  6. Starving the flesh, by God’s grace and empowerment. There’s still plenty of work to be done, but I thank God I am now who I was.
  7. No pity party. Sometimes I get into these moods and I sing the “Woe me!” mantra, wishing life was different, thinking about who hurt me and whatnot. But I praise God because there’s none of that! Whenever I am tempted to get in that mood, I remember the goodness of Jesus!
  8. Making it to Day 10… and still going!
  9. Having Godly counsel and direction
  10. The beating, Crucifixion, and resurrection of Jesus! Read the Gospels, friends!

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