Thanksgiving Fast– Day 9

This will be a really quick one. Here are the things I am grateful for today. 
1. My friend Doreen, whose birthday is today! #21

2. I feel good today, like REALLY REALLY GOOOOOOOOD!!!! I haven’t been feeling good lately. I was smiling at work today, even my coworkers noticed. Praise God!

3. London. Google reminded me of pics I took while in London on this day three years ago! Wow!!!! I really miss London, and I am very grateful I was able to go!

4. The power in the name and presence of Jesus! I was reading John 18 earlier, and it amazed me that when people came at night to arrest Jesus, they fell when He spoke!!!! Like, WHAT?!?!!!! Jesus is awesome!!!!

5. Ability and privilege to read God’s Word, meditate on it, and be changed by it! 

6. Having clothes to wear. Because it is my friend’s birthday today, I thank God I can put on nicer clothes.

7. So I have multiple jobs, yeah, and at one of them, in an office, I have time to relax and catch a break. So I thank God for this office and this chill time. 

8. And because I work in such a peaceful environment, I thank God I can play Christian music! This is something I cannot do at my other jobs. I have been enjoying Christian songs since I got here!!

9. Finally, I thank God for the beautiful day we are enjoying in Amherst! I didn’t need a jacket today! Praise God!!!!


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