Short People Allowed

“A man was there by the name of Zacchaeus… He wanted to see who Jesus was, but being a short man he could not, because of the crowd. So he ran ahead and climbed a sycamore-fig tree to see him” (Luke 19:2-4, NIV).¬†

“The issue isn’t whether God reaches out to us– it’s whether we choose to respond to him. He will not violate our will– the choice is ours.” – Rebecca Manley Pippert


This post is not about short people. But I’m glad I have your attention ūüôā



Being a short person myself, I understand how Zacchaeus must have felt, not being able to see the man he wanted to see; I understand his need do anything necessary to accomplish his goal. My man climbed a tree!! It be like that sometimes.

Again, this is not about Zac, or the plight of short people; this is about Jesus and his willingness to accept and dine with¬† a “sinner”.¬†¬†We must understand that during this time, Jewish people hated Jewish tax collectors because it was as if they were supporting the enemy– the tax collectors were uncle Tom characters, if you will. Zacchaeus had it rough because he was the chief tax collector, meaning he was really really really hated by the Jewish people, he was marginalized even though he was wealthy; he was the enemy. Yet, our darling Jesus singled him out, no doubt with a smile on His face!¬†Jesus accepted the marginalized, we know this; Zacchaeus was no different. Jesus went to this “sinner’s” house, dined with him, and pronounced salvation into his house! Imagine Jesus walking alongside Zacchaeus! Jesus didn’t allow the mutter and murmur of others to stop Him from accepting another person into His kingdom!

We should follow this example. Let us dare to allow the people who are not meant to be allowed into our circles be in our circles! Let us dare to accept people for who they are, love on them, and watch how natural their response to start living life in accordance to God’s will will be– notice how just the presence of Jesus prompted Zacchaeus to turn from his corrupt ways.

My friends, we are not called to be converters; we have been commissioned to be like Jesus, to go into the world, seek out the lost, preach the Gospel, and love people the way Jesus loves us! The rest will follow naturally. What Jesus did was unacceptable to those who couldn’t see the need for others to experience the love and grace of God as well! I pray we will never get to the point where we start choosing who should or shouldn’t come to Jesus; everyone, EVERY SINGLE PERSON is welcome, even short people like myself who need an extra boost just to see Him!

But remember, being welcomed by Jesus and into His kingdom does not mean remaining the same! He wants us to come as we are, but He doesn’t want us to stay as we were!

I Do Not Understand why God Wants Me

” ‘But while he was still a long way off, his father saw him and was filled with compassion for him; he ran to his son, threw his arms around him and kissed him’ ” (Luke 15:20 b).

I don’t think I will ever fully understand the love and grace of God towards me!

Jesus threw a lot of shade! I think Luke 15:11-32 is an example. The Pharisees and teachers of the law were singing the same old song of how Jesus “welcomes” (Luke 15:2) the undesirables of society, and this story was one of three Jesus used to answer their complaint.

The Prodigal Son. This must be a Sunday School favorite. Before tonight, I had concluded that the younger son was crazy and stupid, that the father was even more crazy and stupid, and that the older son was the only sane one, but he was also crazy and stupid for being unforgiving. After rereading this parable, the Holy Spirit allowed me to see that the father, though illogical, is God, my Father, waiting, eager for my return to Him.

Verse 20 really caught my attention: the father was always waiting for his son; he still remembered what his son looked like, enough to recognize him from a long distance away; he still cared enough about the undeserving son to break social norms by running towards him; he still loved him enough to have compassion, which out-poured into action when he hugged him and kissed him. This father was so eager to welcome back the son who pretty much told him he was dead when he asked for his inheritance (Luke 15:12) that he didn’t want him to think that he is a son by worth– and the truth is that we are not worthy of His GRACE! Pastor Judah Smith said in a sermon about this passage, and paraphrasing here, that we are children by birth, not by worth.

Isn’t it amazing that we have a Father who wants us? Do we understand that this father did not need his son? But, he wanted his son back! He was eager to embrace his son, kiss him, and reinstate him– this is why God sent Jesus into the world, so that we can be reinstated as His children! How awesome is that?!

To be honest, this section now has me confused and a bit emotional because I am that younger son, and I will never understand why my Father wants me– why is He reaching out for/to me?!?! I don’t know. But I know that He does want me.

So, if you think you’re the worst, and that God cannot possibly want you, think again. He is eagerly waiting for you to just turn your face towards Him, and He will come running towards you! He wants to celebrate you because He loves you.

Won’t you turn to Him today, friend? You won’t understand why He wants you, but just accept that He does. And, friend, it’ll be the best decision you will ever make!