He is the Reason for this Season

I can’t remember the actual date but what really started this whole blogging business is “Testimony Thursday”. I was just on instagram one day when the thought came to me, “Instead of #tbt, why not have testimonies?!” I thought it was an original idea… that was until I saw a page using the same phrase! I was a bit discouraged but I was happy because I knew that the idea came to me; I didn’t steal it from anyone haha.

Long story short, “God for everyday” came to my mind on Monday, actually, and I started thinking of creating a blog and/or website where I’ll be able to simply share the Gospel with the world!!!

I love Jesus! I love God! The gift of the Holy Spirit is amazing! The Bible is my best friend. I love the fact that I have brothers and sisters around me to support me, love me, rebuke and chastise me… and I want to share that with someone out there. I have a relationship with God, my savior and redeemer! That in and of itself amazes me everyday. I’m just a little bit over a year old in my journey, but I’m never going back to the way it was!

My hope is that you are blessed everyday you read this. I have a vision for this, but at the end of the day, the reason and the focus of this blog is to make my Lord and Father known. The reason is JESUS!!! Please, taste and see that God is indeed good!!

God bless you as you read.


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